Large Stackable PET Food Storage Bins with Lids Save Space Garden Stuff Kitchen Refrigerator Organizer


Material PET
Size  30*20.6*11.5cm
Logo Cucsotm logo is available
MOQ 100 set (without logo)

* The vegetable and fruit storage containers with Strainer have vent system which can regulates the flow of air in and out,control the humidity inside, help prevent spoilage, keep fruits and vegetables storage longer in the refrigerator.
* FREE Reusable food storage container
* Reusable food container
* Made of high-quality PET
* Space Saving Design – Stackable Square Shaped Containers Free up space in the Pantry.
* Special water filter tray keep vegetables and fruits separately out of drippings, also keeps meat and fish separately out of thaw water.

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Item Number  109386/3
Material PET
Size  30*20.6*11.5cm
Logo Cucsotm logo is available
MOQ 100 set (without logo)
Production time Based on quantity, 7-10 days for 100 sets
Payment term Payment in advance for less $5000; 30% deposit for more than $5000

Product application & characteristics


Innovation drawer type

push-pull design
Unique drawer design, when we take food, we can
take it out of the drawer directly

You know life, | know you

Organize and enjoy life
3.Refrigerator drawer storage box
Enjoy fresh food all the time


Small refrigerator

save a big space

Drawer design

It's more convenient to take


Free combination, expand the

refrigerator space
Save room

Flexible slider

ventilation window
They last longer


Deepen groove on top

Stable stack, incline not to fall

Upgrade - With leaking plate

Keep food dry


Classified storage, avoid odor

Fruit and vegetable meat and vegetable are
stored sepa ratelv to avoid odor

Bottom drain hole to

prevent water accumulation
Convenient to export water, prevent soaking rot


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